The Cell Workout Workshops are an innovative, prison-based intervention designed to improve prisoners’ mental well-being as well as their physical fitness. The design and delivery of ten pilot workshops in HMP Wandsworth was managed by ex-prisoner, L. J. Flanders, who drew upon his own experiences to develop a unique two-week programme of intense physical workouts each morning, followed by stimulating and thought-provoking group discussions in the afternoon, 

Based on the principles outlined in Flanders’ book, Cell Workout (Flanders, 2016), the workouts focused on bodyweight training exercises designed for safe and effective use in a prison cell. The afternoon sessions began with a focus on behavioural change and how to achieve it, and moved on to align with existing organisations and programmes within the prison including the Prisoners’ Education Trust’s ‘Fit for Release’ initiative, focusing on how sports-based learning can help prisoners engage in education, gain employment and desist from crime.

LJ continues to deliver these programmes in 40 prisons nationwide.

Whilst also continuing to deliver lasting change workshops with inmates, providing them with both fitness and employment opportunities and doing the same for Prison Officers and those on their Graduate Training Programmes, Cell Workout now has 50 Trainers working within their communities across England, Scotland and Wales.