LJ'S Story

Like many people in prison, keeping fit became hugely important to LJ. At times being confined to his cell for 23 hours a day, his focus on fitness kept him going. 

All too soon, he needed more than just repeating the standard press ups and sit ups.  At that time, he only knew the basics of training, using weights and cardio. But this was about to change.

 Determined to not let his time go to waste, the turning point came when LJ enrolled on a personal training course whilst in HMP Pentonville. This not only gave him the fundamental understanding of how to construct the varied workout routines that he craved; it also offered a higher chance of employment following his release.

 Once qualified, LJ got a job in the prison gym and was often being asked if he could write personalised fitness regimes that could be performed in a cell.

 Without realising it, LJ had already begun to improve the daily lives of other inmates, their physical fitness, and mental wellbeing. Helping inmates gave LJ a sense of purpose and it became his mission to transform the dynamics of prison fitness and bring about positive change in the lives of people in prison.